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Adopt A Family

Why Donate to Laradon

  • Because We’re all in this together! Because it’s your neighbors we’re talking about.
  • Because it’s personal. Laradon is committed to providing a “person-centered culture”, which means that everything we do benefits the individual according to the goals and needs they express. Likewise, the Laradon Foundation is committed to a “donor-centered culture” where we listen to what values are most important to you and help you maximize your unique potential as a positive life-changer!
  • Because charitable gifts fund the Margin of Difference. We know that our staff is “Best in Class”. So are our programs, but the fees for service we receive are not enough to fund our higher level of quality.

It’s a Team Effort

We are continuously improving our programs and are leading the edge in new services for the underserved, disabled community of Colorado. We are doing this by strengthening partnerships with donors, community leaders, other providers, local businesses and organizations and people like you…and we definitely need your help!

Together, We:

  • EMBRACE FAMILIES that are facing their new reality that their infant or toddler has developmental disabilities or delays. We do this with compassion by visiting them in their home and offering our unique bilingual early intervention services.
  • OFFER A POSITIVE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT to students (ages 5-21) that understands their disabilities and behavioral disorders, allowing them to grow the skills and self-confidence to succeed in life.
  • ACCESS RESOURCES for those with a chronic medical condition in addition to a severe and profound disability.
  • NURTURE A PERSON’S UNIQUE TALENTS and abilities and match it to job opportunities in the community so that they can achieve their dream of becoming self-sufficient.
  • CREATE GOOD HOMES for participants – to find the adults we serve a place where they are cared for and become part of a family.
  • ARE A SAFE HAVEN for senior citizens with disabilities, some of whom are experiencing the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia. At Laradon, they can be with their friends, they can volunteer in the community, and they can realize the potential of their own “golden years” — just like everyone else.
  • There are so many ways for you to support the life-changing work at Laradon, and all assistance is appreciated.

How to Donate Today:

  • CLICK HERE! Donate online today through, a program of the Community First Foundation
  • CALL us at 303-296-2400 to learn more about other ways to give, including through automatic monthly payments
  • MAIL CONTRIBUTIONS to: Laradon, 5100 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO 80216

Other Ways to Donate:

Colorado’s Enterprise Zone

Colorado’s Enterprise Zone (EZ) program provides tax incentives to donors to encourage businesses to expand in designated economically distressed areas of the state. What that means to you is that monetary contributions made specifically to Laradon’s Employment Services Program may be eligible for an additional special tax credit of 25%.

Be sure to identify your contribution as EZ at the time of your donation.

When we send you your donation receipt, we will include the information you will need when filing your taxes.

If you want to learn more about the Colorado EZ Program, you can read HERE.

Planned Giving

  • First and Foremost: No matter how much wealth you think you do (or don’t) have, EVERYONE should have a simple Will. In your Will, you can state what you want to have happen with whatever it is that you leave behind (money, property, children, pets, etc.). If you don’t, then the government will do as their process dictates.
  • Pennies From Heaven: Sometimes donors want to wait to make their biggest gifts until after they pass away. The simplest and most common ways are:
    • Add a codicil to your Will, such as:
    • “I give, devise and bequeath to Laradon Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit, 501(c)3, tax-exempt organization, (Tax Identification Number: 74-2150623), having as its principal address 5100 Lincoln Street, Denver, Colorado, 80216, [percentage or specific dollar amount] for Laradon’s general [or restricted] purpose.”
    • Naming the Laradon Foundation as beneficiary of a life insurance or retirement savings account.
  • Gifting Stocks or Bonds (please call the Laradon Foundation office before selling them so that you do not receive a personal tax liability).

Your generous contribution to the Laradon Foundation will ensure Laradon’s stability for future generations.

For more information about other ways that a charitable contribution can enhance your financial future, please contact an attorney, and/or:

Executive Director
Laradon Foundation

Gifts Other Than Cash (In-Kind donations)

Wish list

Laradon has always accepted in-kind gifts other than cash. We want to be sure your in-kind contribution is used most effectively, so there are some items we do not accept such as used clothing or electronics. If you are unsure if the items you would like to donate are needed, please call 303-296-2400 and tell us about your donation. Laradon is not able to pick up donations.

For guidance on in-kind donations, see our Current Wish List

We appreciate your donation and want to be sure we are prepared to accept your contribution. Please call us at 303-296-2400 to arrange a time and day for delivery.

Deliver in-kind donations to:


5100 Lincoln Street
Denver, CO 80216
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday

Thank you for your donation!


The support you provide is giving thousands of children and adults with developmental disabilities and other special needs the promise of a bright future filled with inclusion, independence and success.

Laradon is the Major Project of the Colorado Elks Association. Click here for more information on the Colorado Elks Association.

Are you a member of the Colorado Elks Association? Donations can be made to Laradon through your lodge. You can also choose to send your donations directly to Laradon. Be sure to identify your lodge number with your contribution.