Employment Programs

Laradon’s Community and Employment Services (CES) Department offers a wide variety of services that are tailored to fit individual employment and community inclusion goals of adults with developmental and other disabilities. Work programs focus on skill acquisition, job search and retention. The focus of community participation is volunteer work and involvement in other valued aspects of community life.

Ticket to Work Program

Laradon serves as an approved Employment Network (EN) under the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work program. We provide a wide range of services, including Work Incentives Counseling to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) recipients who want to return to work or who have already returned to work and need information and assistance managing their benefits and maintaining their employment. To Learn More: Click here to submit a Ticket Client Interest Form.

Individual Employment Program:

The Individual Employment program provides support and training to adults with developmental disabilities or any other disabilities to obtain and maintain employment in the competitive labor force.

These services are provided to our individuals on an individualized basis and vary depending on their need for support. Job Placement Assistance matches individuals with their employment goals. Laradon’s on-site job coaching ensures that outside employment requirements are met. Laradon’s continued guided support structure ensures both the potential employee and employer maintain satisfaction and ultimate success.

Download an Individual Employment & Work Teams Brochure.

Group Employment

Laradon Work Teams, or enclaves, are crews of hard working individuals seeking employment opportunities in the Denver Metro community, supervised by Laradon staff members.

Work Teams provide competent, willing and dependable workers whose talents and skills ensure successful and timely job completion. Laradon provides ongoing supervision at the community work site. Classes and facilitated group discussions occur each day prior to start of work.

Laradon Work Teams diversify your work force and potentially increase your business!

Download a Work Teams Brochure.

Prevocational Services

Many individuals who aspire to work in community jobs will benefit from specialized instruction to learn the skills and habits that will assist them to acquire and maintain steady employment. Laradon’s Prevocational Services provide structured classroom training in these skill sets, plus a variety of on and off-site career exploration activities.

Prevocational Services are offered as part of the Community Participation Vocational program. Individuals may choose to combine prevocational instruction with participation on paid work teams.:

Laradon’s Community and Employment Services (CES) Department offers a comprehensive array of services designed to improve the outcomes of adults with developmental and other disabilities. Participation is based on the needs and choices of each individual.

Community Participation

Laradon’s Community Participation programs cater to the individual with developmental disabilities who is looking for social and leisure activity plus an opportunity to give back to the community by volunteering. Sites for volunteering and social activity are plentiful and varied. All provide rich and meaningful experiences. Classes and facilitated group discussion occur each day at the base site, prior to leaving for locations throughout the community.

Program participants choose the types of activities they would like to participate in and what proportion of their time is spent on those activities. For example, an individual might be interested in volunteering three days per week and engage in a social activity only one day per week.

Download a Community Participation Brochure.