Employee Resources

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We value and appreciate the work you do at Laradon. You are helping children and adults with developmental disabilities and other special needs meet their life goals and see their dreams come true. Your hard work and determination is enhancing their lives and giving individuals the promise of a better future. Thank you for all you do!

Employee Resources

Laradon strives to maintain an employee benefits program that is, at a minimum, competitive with like organizations. A portion, if not all, of the listed benefits are covered by Laradon on the employee’s behalf. Contact Laradon’s Human Resources Department with questions or for more information.

Health Insurance

Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance

401 K

Cafeteria Plan/Flexible Spending
Employee Assistance Program
Wellness Reimbursement Program
Paylocity – Payroll system, review employee setup and paystubs (Self-Service Login for Paylocity) / (What You Will Find in Paylocity)
Novatime-Employee – Employee time keeping system (time sheets and time off requests)
Novatime-Supervisor – Supervisor access for employee time keeping system
Therap – Data management system
Halogen – Employee performance management system

Worker’s compensation

Laradon’s authorized providers for workers’ compensation injuries are listed below. Click on the links below to find information related to the locations of the providers. If it is outside the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. you should go to a SCL Physicians affiliated hospital; Good Samaritan Medical Center, Lutheran Medical Center, Saint Joseph Hospital or HealthONE Emergency Department for after-hours work-related emergency care. Aviation and Occupational Medicine and Midtown Occupational Health Services do not have after hours care. This information is provided here as well.

Aviation and Occupational Medicine
SCL Physicians
HealthONE Occupational Medicine and Rehabilitation
Midtown Occupational Health Service, P.C.


Laradon provides monthly training and re-certification classes for Host Home Providers contracting with Laradon. Topics include First Aid and CPR, Safety Care, Medication Administration, Defensive Driving, Mistreatment, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation (MANE), and Incident Reporting.

NOTICE: Only Host Home Providers who are currently contracting with us, or applicants approved by Laradon’s Adult Residential Services Department can enroll in these classes.

Current class calendars:

Sign up for a class today!

Contact us at 720-974-6801 or at paula.brown@laradon.org to register.

When e-mailing, please include your name, title, name of the class, date you wish to attend and a phone number.

Please Note: E-mail training requests are NOT confirmed until you receive a response from the Training Coordinator. You will not be registered for the class until you receive a response from the Training Coordinator.

Registration Policy for Host Home Providers: You must pay by check or cash (please bring exact change) prior to class. We do not accept credit cards.

Cancellations: Two (2) business days is required.

Safety Care

This course is two full days and is required for Host Home Providers for Adult Residential Services. Safety Care has been developed to help staff work with clients who may present behavioral challenges. By implementing preventative strategies, functional based interventions, and safety management procedures, the client’s quality of care can be significantly enhanced. In the process, staff safety will also be greatly improved. The course focuses on effectively managing disruptive or assaultive behaviors. The re-certification class is required annually and is one day course.

Medication Administration Class and Medication Administration Policy Review

This is a full day course. This class includes Laradon’s policies and procedures on medication administration such as dispensing, storage, re-ordering, as well as administration and medication error reporting procedures. After the initial class, a medication administration policy review must be taken yearly, which is a half day course.


The American Heart Association CPR course provides a certificate which is valid for two years. This course provides information and hands-on experience with adult, child and infant choking and CPR along with the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED).

First Aid

The American Heart Association First Aid course provides a certificate which is valid for two years. The course provides basic information and practical skills for general principles, medical emergencies, injury emergencies and environmental emergencies.

Driver Improvement

Host Home Providers driving personal vehicles to transport Laradon participants must take Driver Improvement. Host Home Providers need to take this class every year.


This is a one-to-one training to review the developmental disability system, Laradon and Laradon Policy Memorandums (LPMs) pertinent to the Adult Residential Services Department and providing Host Home services. This is a one-time training and must be taken prior to becoming a Host Home Provider.

Host Home Provider Policy Review

This course needs to be taken annually and includes a review of LPMs pertinent to the Adult Residential Services Department and providing Host Home services. This is a half day course.

* Please Note: Infants, children and/or participants cannot attend classes. If alternative residential care is needed, it must be arranged in advance according to the alternative residential care procedures outlined in the contract. If alternavite residential care is not arranged in advance, you will be turned away and will have to sign up for the next session.

If you have comments, please contact your Program Manager.


When Laradon is closed due to inclement weather, staff and those served in Laradon programs are notified via a web-based program called ParentReach.  A pre-recorded message is sent to staff and individuals served, via phone, that Laradon is closed.  The caller ID will state “411-411-4111” when receiving a phone call from ParentReach.  The phone numbers that are used for these notifications are located in Paylocity for staff, in Therap for individuals served in the adult programs and in the participant database for students served in the Laradon School.

Please make sure that phone numbers are up-to-date in Paylocity (staff), Therap (adult programs) and in the participant database (students).

Laradon Closures/Inclement Weather Days are posted on:

  • 9News and the 9News website
  • Laradon’s Facebook Page
  • Laradon’s Website
  • Laradon’s main phone number message/greeting


Anonymous Reporting Hotline

Laradon is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical, moral and legal conduct. In conjunction with this commitment and Laradon’s commitment to open and transparent communication, this Anonymous Reporting Hotline will provide an avenue for employees to offer ideas, suggestions and comments as well as to raise concerns anonymously and with reassurance that they will be protected from reprisals or victimization for reporting in good faith. However, if an employee feels that their anonymity is not required they should follow current protocol procedure for reporting concerns and the current incident reporting procedure for reporting mistreatment, abuse, neglect and exploitation. This procedure applies to all Laradon employees, including on-call, part time, temporary and contract employees.

Reports Can Be Made Using the Following Methods

Reporters to the hotline will have the ability to remain confidential and anonymous if they choose. Information provided to the hotline may be the basis of an internal and/or external investigation. The reporter’s anonymity will be protected to the extent possible by law. However, the reporter’s identity may become known during the course of the investigation because of the information you have provided. Reports are submitted by Lighthouse to Laradon, and may or may not be investigated at the sole discretion of Laradon.

Employment related concerns should continue to be reported through normal channels such as the supervisor, Department Director, and then the Deputy Director per the current LPM on Protocol.

Although reporters are not expected to prove the truth of an allegation, the employee submitting a report needs to demonstrate in their hotline report that there are sufficient grounds for concern.

How Your Report Will Be Handled

The action taken will depend on the nature of the concern. The Chairman and the Vice Chairman of the Laradon Board of Directors will receive all reports involving fraud. All other reports will be received by the Deputy Director and the Director of Quality Assurance/Human Resources.

Initial Inquiries

Initial inquiries will be made to determine whether an investigation is appropriate, and the form that it should take. Some concerns may be resolved by agreed upon action without the need for an investigation.

Feedback to Reporter

Whether reported directly to Laradon personnel or through the hotline, the individual submitting a report will be given the opportunity to receive follow-up on their concern:

  • Acknowledging that the concern was received;
  • Indicating how the matter will be dealt with;
  • Giving an estimate of the time that it will take for a final response;
  • Reporting whether initial inquiries have been made;
  • Reporting whether further investigations will follow, and if not, why not.

The amount of contact between the individual submitting a report and the body investigating the concern will depend on the nature of the issue, the clarity of information provided, and whether the employee remains accessible for follow-up. Further information may be sought from the reporter.

For more information, please see Laradon policy or contact the Human Resources Department at 720-974-6802