Education Programs

Laradon offers state-of-the-art support and services for children from birth to 21 years of age. Laradon’s caring and competent staff members use evidence based and individual instruction and therapies to help children reach their full potential.

Birth to three-year-old Program

The Family, Infant, and Toddler (FIT) program offers therapeutic services for children from birth to age three who have developmental disabilities or are identified as being at-risk for developmental delays. Services focus on all the basic and new skills that children learn during the first three years of life. Many children who receive early intervention services do not require special education or other services later in life.

The FIT team of therapists provides in-home activities created to improve parent-child communication, increase physical and cognitive skills, as well as develop a sense of security and happiness. The weekly therapy sessions encourage early language acquisition for children, preparation for school success and an enriched family bond.

FIT services include:

  • Visits to the home where families learn how to teach their children by modeling the staff
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Bi-lingual therapy services
  • Occupational therapy
  • Early Childhood Special Education Services
  • Resources and support for the participating families
  • Screening and intervention for children with autism
  • Assistance with enrolling in preschool or obtaining other resources
  • Parent training

Download a FIT Program Brochure.

The Laradon School

Our History

In 1948, at a time when the public school system denied an education to their two sons because they were “intellectually disabled,” Joseph and Elizabeth Calabrese invested their life savings into the creation of a very special school-Laradon. Named after their two sons, Larry and Don, Laradon was the first charitable organization in the Rocky Mountain region to offer support, education and training to children with developmental disabilities.

Present Day: The Laradon School

68 years later, The Laradon School offers state-of-the art academic and behavior services for school age children from birth to 21 years of age, with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Laradon School is accredited by the Colorado Department of Education as an Eligible Facility School. The Colorado Department of Human Services licenses The Laradon School as a Day Treatment program.  All teachers and service providers are certified and licensed professionals who strive for a comprehensive understanding of each student through conscious and careful study.  Person centered thinking is first and foremost, which highlights our belief that all students are capable of learning and establishing and maintaining social relationships.

The Laradon School proudly employs the following professionals on a full time basis:

Director of Children’s Services and Special Education
Assistant Director of Children’s Services and Special Education
Administrative Assistant
(11) CDE licensed and certified Special Education Teachers
(10) CDE licensed Lead paraprofessionals to serve as Substitute Teachers
Occupational Therapists
Speech and Language Pathologists
Digital Literacy, Art, Music and Adaptive Physical Education Teachers
Social Worker
Transition Coordinator
(4) Board Certified Behavior Analysts – BCBAs
(1) BCaBA and (5) Registered Behavior Technicians
Healthcare providers
Highly skilled and trained Education Behavior Support Paraprofessionals
Instructional Coach

The Laradon School assigns students to classes according to chronological age and grade level. In this way, our students participate in age-appropriate educational programming, together with small group and individualized instruction that addresses each child’s needs and abilities.  Our individualized education plans (IEPs) are specifically designed to meet the needs of students with an intellectual disability, development delay as well as students with a medical and/or educational diagnosis of Autism.

Our innovative approach to shaping behavior, through Applied Behavior Analysis, school wide positive behavior interventions, coupled with standards aligned academic instruction is designed to help every student realize their full potential and maximize self-sufficiency.  Our instructional methods include:

  • Colorado Academic Standards, Extended Evidence Outcomes and achievement descriptors that align instruction to the content standards.
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and school-wide positive behavior intervention and supports (PBIS).
  • Speech/Language Therapy to improve access to educational programs. Picture Exchange Communications systems and augmentative devices promote independence in communication.
  • Occupational therapy to address fine and gross motor skills and sensory needs.
  • Affective Education to address social skills, coping strategies, intra/interpersonal skills, and self-advocacy.
  • Special programs such as adaptive physical education, music, and digital literacy.
  • Small class sizes (no more than 8 students) provided by our licensed special educator teachers.
  • Professional treatment team of certified educational and behavioral specialists.

Our exceptional educational team is committed to honoring the individual strengths of children while teaching skills that promote independence and improve quality of life. Data collection, review, and analysis drive the decision making process and are used to individualize the instructional and behavioral supports for each student based on their unique learning needs. Our goal is to have the student return to his/her home school district in a timely manner.

Currently, we have openings for students with Intellectual Disabilities and Development Delays and students with Autism in our Elementary Program (grades K- 5); Middle school program (grades 6, 7, 8); High School program (grades 9-12) and our Transition Program (grades 12th to age 21).  Please contact your local school district to determine eligibility.

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