Adult Programs

Laradon’s Adult Day programs utilize Laradon’s expansive Denver campus, as well as a broad variety of off-campus community sites to provide learning opportunities, skill-building activities, as well as self-sufficiency building activities. The overarching goal of this department is to develop meaningful and on-going social relationships, promote independence in all aspects of decision-making and daily living tasks, as well as to explore new opportunities for learning and growth through all stages of a participant’s adult life, regardless of their developmental disability. Specialized programs in this department are designed to accommodate and support specific challenges an individual might face as they strive to achieve their full potential.


Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Laradon’s Foundations Program provides services for individuals with significant needs. This on-site program serves individuals with serious and chronic medical conditions. Services and supports are in place so individuals can experience meaningful relationships, participate in therapeutic activities and increase their ability to make choices in a safe and secure environment. Care for all aspects of their medical condition is provided throughout the day. The professional staff members that work with these individuals are highly trained in caring for a variety of medical conditions and are closely overseen by our Medical Services Department and an on-site Registered Nurse.

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Laradon’s Transitions Program is designed to empower participants to overcome behavioral and psychological barriers that prevent them from utilizing the community resources and developing the relationships they desire. Participants access the community at a measured and comfortable pace. The high staff-to-client ratio promotes a safe and controlled environment where meaningful community engagement occurs. The participants are offered a variety of destinations to select. Participants may also choose to remain on campus for various on-site participant directed activities that promote decision-making, health and self-sufficiency skills. Staff members are trained in behavioral intervention and positive reinforcement strategies to ensure a safe and successful experience for all.

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The Opportunities Program utilizes on-site and community resources to provide recreational, leisure, volunteer and educational opportunities for mature adults seeking to maintain optimum levels of physical and mental functioning. Participants enjoy social, physical and community activities with their peers along with individual staff guidance in personal hygiene, communication, dining and mobility needs. Typical activities include light exercise, current events, music, arts and crafts, games and community outings. Laradon’s professional staff members are highly trained in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease symptoms; therefore, they are able to make individual accommodations. High staff-to-client ratios are offered to ensure a safe environment for all participants during Laradon’s senior activities.

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