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As Laradon enters the second half-century of being a leader in providing high quality, effective programs and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities, we continue to meet the current financial challenges of doing this rewarding work. At the same time we are focusing on the future needs of serving more people with developmental disabilities.

We are building on our strengths, developing new services and strengthening partnerships with our donors, community leaders, local businesses and organizations. We are doing this to provide the best services to as many children and adults with special needs as possible...but we need your help.

We need your help to:

* provide infants and toddlers with early intervention services and teach their families to work with their child who has been diagnosed with a disability or delay;
* give a child, who can no longer attend public school because of their emotional and behavioral challenges, a quality education;
* give people with severe or profound disabilities and chronic medical conditions a place to receive individualized therapy and the opportunity be active in the community;
* help people with mild or moderate disabilities find a job and be successful - reaching their dream of becoming tax paying citizens and contributing to their communities;
* give adults with special needs a good home, where they are cared for and become part of a family - some for the very first time in their lives; and
* give senior citizens with disabilities, who may also be experiencing the effects of Alzheimer's and dementia, a place to be with their friends, volunteer and enjoy their "golden years."

Your gifts will help us to achieve all this and so much more.

There are many ways to give to Laradon and we appreciate your help.

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