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Rules and Guidelines

1.   Event or Initiative Host

Individuals, staff, contractors, organizations, and businesses (Fundraising Organizers) may host a fundraising event or initiative (i.e. raffle, coin collection jars, etc.) to benefit Laradon. 

Laradon employees are subject to the same process, rules and guidelines as any individual, sponsor, organization or business who is requesting to host a fundraising event.

2.   Event or Initiative Application

In order to coordinate different fundraising efforts at one time, avoid duplication and provide the necessary support to the organizer, Laradon will be informed of all fundraising efforts in advance of any fundraising activity.  The Fundraising Organizers will complete the Laradon Fundraising Event and/or Initiative Application and Agreement and submit the application to Laradon a minimum of ninety (90) days prior to the event or start of the initiative.   

3.   Responsibilities and Liabilities

All Fundraising Organizers will comply with government regulations, licensing requirements and Laradon’s mission and operating philosophy. It is the Fundraising Organizer’s responsibility to ensure the event or initiative is legal under State and Federal law.

The Fundraising Organizer will obtain all required insurance, permits and licenses.  Copies of insurance, permits and licenses must be submitted to Laradon prior to the event.  Failure to do so will result in Laradon denying approval of the event or initiative.  Insurance, additional permits and licenses will be valid through the conclusion of the event.

The Fundraising Organizer agrees to indemnify, refund and hold harmless against any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses, obligations, liabilities, damages, recoveries, and deficiencies, including interests, penalties and reasonable attorney’s fees that will be incurred or suffered by Laradon which arise as a result from, or relate to, the fundraising event or appeal, and/or the organizer/sponsor/organization/business’ performance.

Approval of hosting a fundraising event/initiative by Laradon does not authorize the Fundraising Organizer to act as an agent of Laradon.  Therefore, the Fundraising Organizers may not open a bank or credit card account in Laradon’s name; the Fundraising Organizers may not endorse or attempt to negotiate any checks made payable to Laradon.  The organizer may not speak on behalf of Laradon.

The Fundraising Organizer will follow all rules on the use of Laradon’s logo and photographs of participants. 

Fundraising Organizers will disclose, at the point of solicitation, the actual or anticipated portion of the purchase price that will benefit Laradon and the duration of the campaign. (i.e., 15% of all sales of candy goes directly to support Laradon’s programs; candy will be on sale until July 1st).

4.   Fundraising Event/Initiative Master Plan

The Fundraising Organizers will develop a Master Plan for the fundraising event or Initiative.  The Master Plan will include a budget (including estimated revenue, expenses), funding plan (including payment of deposits and expenses occurred prior to the event), publicity plan and site logistics plan. 

If an initiative is being planned the Master Plan will include a plan for collection and distribution of the funds designated for Laradon.   Laradon’s Director of Financial Management will work with the organizer on establishing a transparent system to track revenue and expenses as well as a schedule and method of transferring the money to Laradon.

The organizer will meet with appropriate Laradon staff to review the plan and to determine Laradon’s involvement with the event including the amount of logistical and administrative support (including manpower before, during and after an event) that Laradon can provide.

Laradon reserves the right to use vendors from the agency’s preferred vendor list.  In order to ensure a responsible selection of vendors, Laradon reserves the right to request that a three bid process be used for expenses over $5,000.  It is the responsibility of Laradon’s Executive Director to approve any expenses over $5,000 and communicate the information to Laradon’s Board of Directors.

If a professional fundraiser or promotions consultant is hired by the Fundraising Organizer to coordinate the event, a portion of the event or the initiative, this will be included in the Master Plan. The professional must agree to adhere to all federal, local and state laws.  Compensation for professional fundraisers or promoters will not be based on commission or a percentage of monies raised for Laradon.

5.  Solicitation to Businesses and Corporate Sponsors

The Fundraising Organizer will submit the name of any businesses or corporate sponsors to be solicited for support in advance to Laradon so conflicts with sponsors and donors who may already be involved with other fundraising efforts can be avoided.  This includes celebrities, sports teams, etc.

It is also important for Fundraising Organizers to inform sponsors that events on behalf of Laradon are not "official" events, therefore, they will not receive a tax receipt.  The only donations that Laradon can acknowledge and provide a tax receipt are ones that come to Laradon directly.

6.   Delivery of Proceeds

Within 90 days after the event or initiative is completed, the Fundraising Organizer will deliver ALL net proceeds from the event or initiative, including a detailed report of fundraising expenses.

Initiatives that collect donations year-round must provide Laradon with quarterly reports that details revenue and expenses along with the quarterly proceeds.  Deadline dates for quarterly reports are preferred in January, April, July and October.  Arrangements for other dates must be requested in writing.

Fundraising Organizers do not have the right to hold funds donated to Laradon through the fundraiser or initiative, earn and keep interest on funds donated; they do not have the right to create and/or enforce rules on how Laradon will obtain donated funds; nor decide how Laradon will spend donated funds that are not raised for a specific program, service or purpose.

All accounting, information and transactions will be made available to a third party auditing firm.

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