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Laradon’s Employment Network (EN) uses a relationship-based, client-centered approach to help you achieve your employment goals.  It is our goal to educate you about the Work Incentives that are available to you.  Work Incentives provide a safety net for you as work towards returning to work.  As you learn about Work Incentives, you will be motivated to “do more because you know more.”   Laradon is here to support you and follow you through the entire process.  In personal one-on-one sessions we get to know you and help you to select the services that will meet your specific needs and goals. 

Why Choose Laradon?

Laradon has been supporting people with disabilities for over 60 years.   We understand the challenges you will face on your road to self-sufficiency.  We offer you the services and supports that you need to overcome those challenges.  We provide you individualized, personalized and face-to-face services tailored to help you meet your goals.  Our purpose, as we educate, counsel and guide you, is to make your journey back into the workforce as stress free and successful as possible.

Services Offered by Laradon

Laradon offers a wide range of services that fit your job search and job retention needs.  These services are tailored around your personal preferences and unique abilities.   We will work hand-in-hand with you to determine your personalized service package.  We offer:

Pre-employment Services
Post-employment Services

Contact Laradon
Ann Austin, Ticket to Work Coordinator
5100 Lincoln Street
Denver, CO  80216


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