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Adult Residential Services

Host Home Program

Laradon's Adult Host Home program provides individualized living situations to participants that can benefit from living in the private home of a family or individual. Participants enjoy living in a family setting, engaging in community activities and sharing household responsibilities. Independent Host Home Providers contract with Laradon to provide comfortable and healthy environments that are appropriate to a participant's needs.

Laradon recruits a pool of qualified and committed people so that individuals may be given the opportunity to choose a provider that best meets their needs. A Host Home Provider may contract to care for up to two participants in their home. Laradon thoroughly screens all Host Home Providers and conducts background checks. Laradon staff provides Host Home Providers with ongoing training, guidance and support.


Why Our Host Home Program Works

Participants receive individualized care in a safe and welcoming home. Our Host Home Providers give consistent care in order to support the participant's needs and ensure a meaningful life. Our Host Home program has a proven track record with many participants living in the same home form more than fifteen years. Laradon has a stringent process for carefully matching participants with providers so that the participant has the opportunity to live the kind of life they want.



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